Medical care

Medical insurance for participants on the Kibbutz Ulpan Program for the duration of the program is included in the program fee. Insurance coverage starts from the earliest possible day of arrival.
The insurance covers participants while on the kibbutz, and while working.
The insurance also covers the participants while they spend time elsewhere during their free time.
The insurance is identical to that of the medical services on the kibbutz.

Each kibbutz has its own clinic and medical staff, and if necessary, participants will be taken to specialists or hospital for more advanced medical care.
The insurance covers pre-existing health conditions under certain conditions.
The insurance does NOT cover dental care, except for emergencies.
The insurance does NOT cover self-inflicted injuries and wounds,  for example: infected wounds as a result of piercings etc. and injuries that are results of drunken behavior.
Please note that the insurance does not cover time spent in Israel before or after the Kibbutz Ulpan Program.
All medical information must be truthfully and fully reported.
To withhold medical information of any kind is reason for dismissal from the program, without refund.