Mara Neiman

Mara Neiman
We can't thank you enough, kibbutz ulpan program changed our lives My name is Mara Neiman.
I was at Kibbutz Yagur from Dec 26, 2007 to June 2, 2008. Being in this program changed my life in so many ways.
The great friends I made, improving my hebrew but most importantly meeting the man that I will be marrying in 100 days. The day I arrived at the kibbutz I was introduced to another participant Justin Zellinger. We have been together ever since that day. We would not have met if it was not for this program. Justin is from Tampa and had decided to take a semester off of school and I am from Chicago and had recently seperated from the U.S. Air Force.

As we got to know each other while living on the kibbutz we knew we did not want to be apart and Justin moved to Chicago. He proposed a year ago and now our wedding is just over 3 months away. We can never express enough to people what a great program the kibbutz ulpan is and how wonderful Kibbutz Yagur is. It also helped us to find employment in the Chicago Jewish community.

I wanted to say that this was the greatest experience and this is a program that impacts the participants for their whole life. Many of our friends we met at the Kibbutz will be at the wedding and the others in spirit. We both can't wait to to one day go back to Yagur, it is a wonderful place with wonderful people.
Thank you for having this program
Mara Neiman & Justin Zellinger