More Internship Options


In addition to the regular Kibbutz Ulpan program, the next sessions in 

Ulpan YAGUR [starting July 5 2017 & ending on December 7 2017] – HAIFA area

Ulpan NAAN [starting August 31 2017 and ending February 2, 2018] – REHOVOT area

Ulpan MISHMAR HASHARON [starting September 5 2017 and ending February 7, 2018] – NETANYA area

now offer participants to apply for internships in the cities near the kibbutzim, which will replace the work in the kibbutz. In other words, participants live on the kibbutz and study Hebrew in the ulpan, but when the ulpanists go to work, the Ulpan Interns will travel to their internship places.

PRICE: The participant pays only 3,500 US$ for this prestigious program! The actual list price is 7,500 $. Masa funding (for participants from the age of 22) is 3,000 US$. In addition, the program organizer provides an additional scholarship of 1,000 $. So grab your chance, and get in touch with us! 

We will soon publish a list of opportunities. SO STAY TUNED!!!